Fluoride: The Horrific Story of Declining Testosterone

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Have you ever heard the phrase “silent killer”?

*Dramatic music*

I think it’s time we put some of your testosterone knowledge to the test. Even if you know nothing, this will be a good exercise for you. Let’s see if you can solve a murder mystery…

My name is detective Christopher M. Walker. Welcome to work. I will go easy on you since it’s your first day on the job, but we have a case that just can’t wait. Last night, at 0100 hours, something of Dan the Man’s was murdered.


Yes, murdered. Sit down and I’ll tell ya what happened.

It was a dark and stormy night.

Dan had just come home from a nice late night pump at the gym. He took a step out of his vehicle and claims to have seen a strange figure moving through the woods next to his home.

Normally, Dan would investigate, but this time he wasn’t feeling good about it.

Startled, Dan took a deep breath of cool air to calm himself down. He stepped in his front door and it creaked open slowly with an eerie *crreeeeaaaak*.

Dan thought he should probably fix that, but didn’t feel like it.

He began to walk up the stairs to his bedroom. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a hooded man move in front of his downstairs window.

Dan had never been this scared.

He ran up to his bathroom and brushed his teeth.

Then he drank a nice cool glass of tap water.

Dan left the bathroom and walked into his bedroom.

His wife was waiting for him.

Since it was Thursday night, his wife was waiting for him in satin lingerie. Dan didn’t feel like having sex tonight. He hadn’t in a while according to his wife.

The next morning Dan couldn’t make himself get out of bed for work.

And that’s the story. Let’s see how much you know.

What was murdered?

The answer is Dan’s testosterone levels.

The evidence is all over this story. First, Dan was getting scared easily. Lower testosterone levels cause a lack in confidence and higher cortisol (stress) levels.  (1) Next, Dan did not want to fix his door and also couldn’t make himself get out of bed.

Low testosterone has been known to cause a lack in motivation as well as other symptoms of depression.  Lastly, Dan hasn’t had a strong sex drive recently. Low libido is a symptom of low testosterone as well. (1)

Who/what murdered Dan’s testosterone?

No, it was not the creepy dark figure outside Dan’s house. Dan has a good security system. This goes back to my “silent killer” hint. The culprit was in the story from the very beginning to the end. The killer was…fluoride. Fluoride lowers testosterone!

What is fluoride?

You may have heard the word used in a dentist’s office. Fluoride is a chemical compound found all over the Earth in soil, air, food, and water. Fluoride is easily absorbed into tooth enamel and is used to strengthen tooth structure to prevent cavities and resist tooth decay. (2)

How did fluoride kill Dan’s testosterone?

There are three instances in the story where Dan ingested fluoride. Each of these instances alone is not a huge ingestion of fluoride for an adult, but these instances done often in a “nightly routine” together could damage anyone’s testosterone levels. Let’s look at Dan’s nightly routine:

  • Brushing his teeth

There are two types of fluoride: systemic and topical. (3)

Toothpaste is considered a topical fluoride because it is placed directly onto the teeth. A typical tube of toothpaste has between 1000-1450ppm fluoride in the container. (4) That’s around 1mg fluoride per gram of toothpaste you use.

Studies show that continuous exposure of just 3-10ppm fluoride can have a negative effect on your testosterone. (5) Remember that you spit out most of your toothpaste (I hope) so toothpaste should not be your biggest concern when it comes to fluoride consumption, especially since tooth health is so important.

If you do want to cut down on fluoride in your toothpaste, here are some tips.

Around 95% of all toothpaste on the market contain fluoride, so you could find a non-fluoride toothpaste if you’re up for the hunt.(4)  I have another tip, though. Thanks to advertising by toothpaste companies, most people think they need to spread a long stripe of toothpaste all the way down the brush.

In reality, you only need a small pea-sized piece of toothpaste to get the job done.

  • Drinking tap water

Find out if the water out of your tap at home contains fluoride.

Many people that are on city water have fluoride in their tap water. If you do, then you have systemic fluoride in your water. Know that the range of fluoride in your water is most likely between 1.2 and 4.0 ppm. (3)

So if you drink a lot of your own water from home, you are ingesting enough fluoride to negatively affect your testosterone levels. Bottled water and filtered water contain significantly less fluoride, so you may want to consider drinking more of that instead to protect your T.

This is likely your most common source of fluoride consumption, so if you can eliminate or reduce the fluoride intake in this area of your life, it could do wonders on your testosterone levels.

  • Taking a deep breath of cool night air

If you live in a big city or near some sort of industrial plant, especially if that plant produces aluminum or fertilizer, then your city’s air may be polluted by fluoride.

Let’s say that Dan lives in the Bay Area. San Francisco is known to suffer from fluoride pollution. Just by breathing, Dan is constantly consuming small amounts of fluoride.

A study conducted in Ukraine tested 16 different industrial cities and measured different environmental damage done by certain industrial chemicals. It was found that fluoride was the most harmful for soil, plants, animals, and water. (6)

Another similar study was conducted, except in this study the testosterone blood levels of the men in an affected area were tested against a control group. The fluoride-affected men were shown to have lower testosterone than the control.(7)

If your city suffers from fluoride pollution, fluoride is in the environment in larger-than-normal amounts and you are being exposed to it every day. This could be lowering your testosterone levels and leaving you feeling like Dan the Man in the morning.

Are these the only ways to consume fluoride?

Not at all. You know that dental treatment where they fill a mouth guard with foam and have you clamp down for 4 minutes? That is a fluoride treatment containing a very large amount of fluoride.

If you are struggling to keep those testosterone levels stable, I would recommend asking the dentist for a different option. Processed foods also contain higher levels of fluoride than fresh foods. Processed drinks like sodas are even worse!

Stay away from soda for a lot of reasons.

Do not go overboard on tea because that also contains fluoride. Many prescription drugs are fluorinated as well. A notable example is ciproflaxin (Cipro). Luckily, many fluorinated drugs have non-fluorinated alternatives.(8)  As you can see, there are many ways to get fluoride in the system.

High levels of fluoride are considered poisonous.

However, you are most likely not getting more than the recommended dose of fluoride every day, and fluoride is good for your teeth! But keep in mind that exposure to fluoride has been found to lower testosterone levels, so if you want that big body, full beard, strong “swimmers”, confident manliness, consider lowering or cutting off your fluoride intake.


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  1. bo jangles on July 4, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    Take a look at boron, its been proven that it is an essential nutrient(we have a specific method of capturing and moving boron much like plantsdo). It is concentrated in the testes and semen , just like fluoride(except that fluoride isn’t purposely imported), and surprisingly when I looked up as many chemical reactions as i could find that involved boron and fluoride (and other elements)- the boron always ended up reacted only with the fluoride until all the boron was used up. and thats at an about 4 or 5 to 1 weight ratio if memory serves. Also and boric acid and borax have been shown to raise test in mice..coincidence?

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