How I Naturally Raised My Testosterone From 400 – 1024 ng/dL


Editor’s Note: Hi everyone! Today we have a guest post on – by a client and reader named Fey Alingan, who also runs his own health site Fey was kind enough to also supply us with a few sample recipes that he used regularly as “go-to’s” during this Spring as he naturally doubled his testosterone while dropping body fat. Read on to get all the details…


Here’s how I learned how to naturally raise my testosterone…

A couple of years ago, I felt miserable. Unhappy, depressive and weak. I couldn’t really point out why. I was eating well and training a lot, yet my motivation was nowhere to be found, I got pretty emotional over basic, unimportant things and lacked any kind of ambition. I was around 21.

“This shouldn’t happen” I thought to myself. These were supposed to be my best years where I reach all my goals, enjoy live and be happy with everything.

I set out to find out why exactly I was feeling that way.

When it comes to emotions hormonal changes and/or reactions always play a big role, so I looked towards my endocrine system.

Fast forward a few (lost) years to last year. By accident I stumbled across the TestShock program by Christopher Walker and looked through the sales page.

Almost all the points that he mentioned, I suffered from: low sex drive, stubborn body fat and no muscle tone. “Interesting…” I thought to myself, yet didn’t buy the book yet. I needed to get tested in order to say for sure that my testosterone might be the cause of all evil here.

So last autumn (researching your body takes a while!) I went to the doctor and asked him for a blood test, to test certain markers, including my testosterone.

In the first instance he laughed at me and told me that in my age, testosterone isn’t a problem. “It starts with people after 35 or maybe 40, but not like you with 24.”, I wasn’t so sure about my self-created diagnosis, yet I remembered that I tested my testosterone a few years back in a general blood test and remembered that the numbers were pretty low. How low you ask?

Around 430 ng/dl. To put things in perspective: Below this number, people get testosterone substitution and trust me you don’t want that (with 24!).

So I was determined to get tested again.

After about one week the results came in and it looked good. Around 617 ng/dl. This is a really good number if you’re 35, since after 30 your body stops to produce testosterone as much as it used to produce earlier.

I went home partially happy. “What if I could get this number higher naturally. What kind of changes would I feel and see?” I thought to myself.

I decided to give Chris’ ebook and program a shot. I bought the ebook in November 2013 and read through it pretty quickly. See Chris explains a difficult topic in a very interesting and logical way.

I implemented all the steps in the beginning and started to adjust as time went by.

It felt pretty good. I was healthy the whole winter (and I live in Switzerland. We have alps. And snow. And bears. Ok, no bears.) where all the people at my office were sick, one after the other. My whole body felt better, numbers at the gym went up. I gained muscle and looked good.

Photo Sep 27, 9 19 55 PM


Photo Mar 29, 10 52 23 AM


Photo Jul 13, 11 38 57 AM

Now (obviously not huge, but I’m working on it :))


So I thought, it’s time for a retest, just to put things into perspective.

Same spiel: Doctor laughes me away, tells me that testosterone isn’t a problem in a healthy, young man like me. After one week, though, I get the results. And look-a-here: 1024 ng/dl – almost doubled (2.5x the initial number).

Since then a lot of my friends got tested and we had a different spectrum to look at (a lot of lows and some good). See people sitting all day, working in front of a computer are more likely to suffer from low testosterone, because chances are you’re not paying attention to your food and not training smartly, because it takes too much of your free time (everyone wants to relax in the evening right?).

So today I’d like to share with you two simple recipes I used to increase the latest number.

And the best of it all: It’ll only take you a max. set of 30 minutes of cooking every day.

30 minutes of cooking for great sex drive, lots of ambition and tons of muscle? Heck yeah!

So let’s start with the basics: As you all know, as fans of the Road to Ripped podcast, we’re pretty big fans of intermittent fasting here.

What does intermittent fasting mean? In its simplest form: Just skip breakfast. That means two meals a day, where you eat all the calories your body needs. Less planning, less doing, more results. The scientific reason of why this works can be found here in Chris’ book.

If you’re working a normal deskjob between 8 and 5 or 8 and 6, you’ll likely do a lunch break at around noon. So you fast until then and eat food. Same for dinner: You don’t eat anything after lunch until 6 or 7pm. That’s it, easy.

“But Feyyaz, how can I eat around 2500 calories in just two meals?” slow down there, soldier, we got you covered. Check out these healthy recipes for busy people that we’d eat on a normal day:



Meal 1 – The Lunch Classic

About 300g of chicken breasts, 2-3 cups of broccoli and 1 cup of white rice (if you work out before lunch, up that to two cups), with a side of guacamole and tomato salsa.

Specific ingredients:

  • – 300g boneless chicken breast (preferably free-range and/or organic)
  • – frozen broccoli, around 500g
  • – 1 cup of white rice
  • – some coconut oil
  • – a pre-prepped tomato salsa (look in the mexican section and choose the one you like most)
  • – one avocado, two tomatoes, one big onion, one garlic clove
  • – salt, pepper, coriander (fresh if possible)
  • – a chicken spice mix


How to prepare this:

When it comes to cooking and eating during the week, you want it to be easy, fast and healthy, so we’re using all the tricks in the book. Let’s go:

Start your rice cooker (a rice cooker should only cost around 20 bucks, so you don’t have an excuse not to have one) BEFORE putting in the rice, so the cooker already warms up while you’re quickly washing the rice. Rinse it and throw it into the cooker with double the water (1 cup rice = 2 cups water), one scoop of organic coconut oil and a bit of salt – that’s it.

I like to use frozen veggies during the week, since they are pretty practical and contain all the nutrients (if not more) than the fresh ones. So put a pot on hot and throw in the broccoli. Add water until about half of the broccoli is covered and throw on a lid.

Now onto the chicken: Use a pre-mixed chicken spice mix (they normally have salt, pepper, rosemary, paprika and ground cumin inside) and cover the chicken with a bit of oil and lots of spice. The trick for tasty chicken is a lot of spice. The chicken needs to go onto your George Foreman grill (what you don’t have one? You definitely need to check my healthy cooking for busy people article HERE).

While the chicken is cooking, get your tomato salsa and throw it onto your plate (I always have my salsa in the fridge so now it “warms” up to room temperature).

Grab the avocado, remove stone and mix with a fork until mushy. Cut the onion, tomatoes and coriander to mix with the avocado. Depending on how you like your guac, add salt, pepper and the garlic glove. Mix everything – done.

By now the broccoli should be ready, rinse it and put back on the stove so that it stays warm, while you’re checking your chicken.

If the chicken is done, your rice should be ready as well. All in all this takes about 20-30 minutes.

A variation of the above dish (straight from instagram)



Meal 2 – The Bitehype Lamb Beef Burger, aka the BLB Burger

About 300g of burger paddies, 300-400g spinach, 2 sweet potatoes (three if you just worked out) – dessert: Protein Fluff

Specific ingredients for the BLB:

  • – 150g ground beef (free-range and/or organic)
  • – 150g ground beef (free-range and/or organic)
  • – 400g frozen spinach
  • – 2-3 big sweet potatoes, 1 big onion, a bit of coconut flakes/flour
  • – salt, pepper, FRESH rosemary, FRESH thyme, a bit of mustard, one egg yolk

Specific ingredients for the protein fluff:

  • – gluten-free oats or millet flakes
  • – 1 eggs
  • – cacao powder (raw, organic if possible)
  • – any kind of protein powder you like
  • – cacao nibs (again raw if possible)
  • – any kind of berries you like (blueberries, raspberries, etc)
  • – something to liquify (can be a bit of cream or rice/almond milk)


Throw the spinach into a pot with a bit of water and let it cook until done.

Meanwhile cut the onion, the rosemary and the thyme. Throw everything in a big bowl and add the beef. Now crack the egg (pro tip: crack on a flat surface) and throw the egg yolk into the mixture. Add a bit of coconut flour and mustard, some salt and pepper. Now the fun part: Mix everything and form paddies (some like ‘em big and some like ‘em small!).

When the paddies are done, throw the George Foreman grill on and let it warm up. Now take the sweet potatoes, wash them and take a knife. Stab them at multiple positions, so that they don’t explode. Throw them into the microwave for 5 minutes and then change positions and microwave for another 3 minutes.

Now that the paddies are done and grill is hot, throw the paddies on and grill them how you like them (medium rare, obviously.). As soon as the meat is done, the spinach and the sweet potatoes should be done.

Serve everything on a plate and enjoy!


For the dessert

Throw in all the ingredients into a bowl and mix it. For measures use the typical protein powder scoop. You can basically give one scoop of every ingredient into the mixture. When it’s all mixed up, throw it in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes and serve with a bit of cinnamon or coconut flakes – delish!

All in all cooking/prep time: 30 minutes

As you can see healthy cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time. These are just two recipes that I used to gain around 4kg of muscle in just 2-3 months (while losing around 1.6kg of fat) and I use these same exact recipes almost every week. To make it stay tasty, I just rotate the veggies I like.

What are your favorite healthy recipes that you use every week?

Christopher Walker

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