Pheromone Science: Why Testosterone Could Be Your Most Attractive Feature

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You have been trying everything.

And I mean everything.

First you tried looks. You bought a pair of leather boots because you read in GQ that they make men seem more “rugged.” You got your hair cut like G-Eazy. You started wearing male jewelry.

Nothing worked.

Next you tried manliness. You picked up carpentry. You started watching the Outdoor Channel. You even started liking the Outdoor Channel. You started to eat steak and root for the Denver Broncos.

Nothing worked.

Then you remembered that one time at the gym where the girl on the treadmill next to you started to sniff and gag, then went to get water, then came back and got on the treadmill five down the row. You’re on your twelfth different cologne of the month and your fifth deodorant. You started wearing two undershirts.

Your undershirts won’t work.

No matter how hard you try you just don’t seem attractive to your desired gender.

But would it help if I told you that you’re on the right track?

Cleaning up your looks will always help, but by desiring to enhance your manliness and smell you are actually knocking on the door of scientific attractiveness.

Let me explain.

The essence of sexual attraction between the attractor and the attracted is in pheromones.

Pheromones are chemicals very similar to hormones that humans release in response to various environmental triggers. (1)

Yes, you are actually excreting sexual chemistry into the air all day. You animal!

The key is to produce more of these desirable chemicals in order to be more attractive. (2)

Since I am writing chiefly about testosterone, I tend to focus on the men, but if you’re a woman reading this then you should know that pheromones are extremely important to attraction for you as well. The most common pheromones go as follow:

  • Androstenone: the pheromone released primarily by men
  • Androstenol: the pheromone released primarily by women
  • Androstadienone: a metabolite of testosterone secreted in male sweat
  • Estratetraenol: a metabolite of estrogen secreted in female sweat
  • Copulins: chemical pheromones present in female vaginal fluid (1)

So how do you increase production of these enticing chemicals?

For men, raising your testosterone should increase pheromone production. (2)

Research shows that the male pheromone released when testosterone levels are higher is very attractive to women, especially when they are ovulating.

In a recent study, researchers took the saliva samples of participating men to test their testosterone and cortisol levels. The men were then told to wear a white shirt for two days with strict instructions not to use deodorant, soap, showers, tobacco, or anything that could mask their natural odors.

After the two days, participating women were asked to smell the shirts and rate them on attractiveness. The results showed that, while the cortisol levels had little to no effect on attractiveness, women found the shirts of men with higher testosterone levels more desirable, especially if the women were ovulating at the time. (3)

More news for the members of the gay community reading this article, gay men also respond to male pheromone.

In another study, 24 gay men and 24 straight men were asked to look at a figure made of dots and asked what gender the figure was while being exposed to either androstadienone or estratetraenol. Results showed that the straight men, when exposed to estratetraenol, perceived the figure as a woman. Androstadienone had no effect on straight men. Results also showed that the gay men, when exposed to androstadienone, perceived the figure as a man.

Estratetraenol had no effect on gay men. The exact trial was conducted with straight and lesbian women, where they found very similar results. The findings suggest that humans can perceive gender based on pheromones, but only when exposed to the gender they are attracted to.  (4)

Gay men could also benefit from the attraction that comes with raising testosterone.

Here is some big news: Pheromones have a stronger relationship with testosterone than I have talked about. When men are exposed to pheromone that they are attracted to, their testosterone levels can rise immediately.

In another study, 50 men were exposed to copulins and tested against 50 controls. Testosterone levels were tested before and after exposure to copulins. Amazingly, after just a small exposure to copulins, testosterone rose up to 150% in just a few minutes. This is a male reaction to a very sexual female pheromone. (1)

So not only are women more attracted to testosterone, if you surround yourself in attraction then your testosterone levels will rise. Once you get your testosterone up, it will be like a big rolling stone of attractiveness for you, my friend.

This stuff really interests me, so let’s look at some other cool things about pheromones.

Androstenol could make you nicer!

In a research study, a group of people were given surgical masks with androstenol on the inside to breathe. The group immediately began to show more signs of empathy, warmness, and friendliness. I think a lot of us could use a little androstenol. (1)

Androstenone can make you “hornier” for lack of a more appropriate term.

Who could have guessed? 38 men were exposed to androstenone for two weeks and when compared to a control group, then androstenone-exposed men expressed much more “sexual behavior.” A similar study was conducted with women and androstenol yielding very similar results, with women reporting having more intercourse and expressing sexual behavior as well. (1)

This one is the most interesting to me. In a study, women were asked to watch a sad movie and their tears were collected into pieces of cotton. The cotton was then placed on the upper lips of male volunteers. After smelling the tears, testosterone levels in the men dropped and sexual arousal greatly diminished.

Researchers believe this is due to pheromone in the tears. (1) So fellas, keep your women happy while you’re around or you may see a drop in your testosterone!

So in summary so far, pheromones can have an effect on mood, behavior, sexual desire, attractiveness and testosterone levels. And testosterone levels have an effect on pheromones.

If you are a guy, straight or not, who wants to be more attractive to their desired gender, then you should look into raising your testosterone levels.

How do you do it?

So, how to increase and release pheromones naturally?

There are a lot of ways to naturally increase your testosterone.

If you are doing any endurance running, I would recommend stopping while you are actively looking for a mate. Long distance running can have very negative effects on testosterone. Also, if you find yourself stressed often, you will have high cortisol levels. High cortisol means low testosterone.

Find a way to ease your stress while looking for that special someone. Eating right is key. If you are on a high sugar high glycemic-carb diet, your insulin will be higher than it should be. High insulin means low testosterone as well. High weight strength training is very good for testosterone levels.

These are of course just some quick tips that you can immediately practice in your daily life.

For more information on naturally raising your testosterone through diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices try out the Testshock program to naturally increase your testosterone. Do this, and you will be on the right track to becoming a scientifically attractive human being.

Take off those undershirts and stick to one deodorant.

Get rid of that G-Eazy cut.

Raise your testosterone levels.

You may even realize women purposely moving over to your adjacent treadmill.

Good luck!


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The TestShock Blog is your #1 resource for men’s health advice.

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